3D Modeling

Sometimes 3D modeling can be a difficult task. Also require a lot of manual work. I can help you to form any complex geometry, whether is in engineering modeling or something more artistic like sculpting modeling. I have long experience in modeling manley from industrial sector, but also hobby modeling. Any file type from Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360, Solidworks can delivered.

Preparation of the model in stl or obj can provide without any problem for all 3D Printing enthusiasts. You can send a sketch, picture, or scanned object to create a 3D Design.

In addition we have passion for 3D Rendering. We can design this grey model you see on the screen to a colourfull picture with background scenes. So let’s turn the things into life!


We know that 3D modeling can be confusing: in 3D modeling, like in 3D printing, there is no size that fits all approaches. We use all different software, 3D print in different materials, and we not only use different 3D printers, but also different 3D printing technologies. So it’s quite normal to feel lost and sometimes it does not work to produce a perfect 3D model for 3D printing. Therefore we can help you with 3D modeling til 3D printing.


Wall thickness issues, for example, are by far the most common reasons why some 3D models can not be 3D-printed. In some cases the wall thickness is too thin. Wall that is too thin makes small parts of the model unable to get printed or very fragile and can easily be crushed. In other cases, the walls that are too thick cause too much internal stress and can cause the object to crack or destroy.


In addition, low resolution STL file. It is important to note that poor quality exports will never give a good result. Low resolution means that the triangles in the STL file are large and the surface of your 3D printed object will not be smooth. This will lead to a somewhat “pixelated” printing.

On the other hand, very high resolution STL file, will make the file too big and sometimes impossible for you to handle it. It can also contain an extremely detailed level that 3D printers can not easily print.


Even if you use an entry-level software that was developed for the sole purpose of 3D Printing (such as Tinkercad), it can be difficult to create a hollow model.

If you use a software like Blender (used for 3D graphics and animations), SketchUp (popular with architects and models), or ZBrush (3D sculpting software), additional file processing needs to be done. Depending on what software you are using, it may be possible that the structure may become waterproof, so wall thicknesses and printing sizes may be critical.


Nothing to worry about. If you’re struggling to learn how to create a 3D model, you can always get in touch with us and get help from professional 3D designers who can help you through our 3D modeling service.

If you have created a 3D Printing model, why not print it out with our online ordering 3D printing service. It’s easy, fast and efficient way to 3D Print. When you upload a model to our website, we will double-check the design manually. If it is incorrect or parts of the object can break apart, we will inform you about this and tell you what went wrong.