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3D Print consumer products
Want gadgets that are really yours? Now your desire is not just a fantasy. Everything can designed and produced – convenient and with high quality. 3D Printing solve the familiar challenge of serial production of an advanced tailored product. Excellent quality, precision and repeatability of the manufacturing process gives you impressive design freedom.

Design your own gadget with style

Be perfectionist!
You decide when it’s done. Post process the object until you get the satisfied result you want.

Be flexible!
People want out belongings to reflect our unique personalities. With 3D Printing you have te opportunity to customize the design of every kind needs.

Be uncompromised!
Let your design be both permanent, aesthetic and easy to use

Use Solidlines!
Contact today and realise the full potential of your projects.


Irritating that your headset and wires fills up the whole desk or table? This DIY design provides an elegant solution, with a model that went through the same design process used in the professional design and workshop industry. There may be more design iterations and 3D prints for the final full 3D printable headset stand you see here.


These stackable hex drawers are one of the most amazing DIY room decoration ideas that are so obvious and simple, you wish you had thought about it yourself. It’s a modular design where you can 3D-Print as many hex drawers as you wish, and then cut them easily. Additional variation is added by changing the depth or length of each tray, or 3D-Print them in different colours.


There is something nice in this bonsai plant. The curly tentacles underneath something as innocent as a tree. The plant pot looks like an extension of the plant. It is really cool!


The concept is that you can create a custom “geometric” pattern backsplash using a set of modular pieces. 3D-Print any number of pieces of any colour and connect them to other pieces like a planter, tool holder and even towel hangers.


Launched in 2012, Raspberry Pi is a “single-board” computer the size of a credit card. It’s just grunt to run a variety of applications, and it’s cheap and versatile. Learning about computer science has never been more accessible and affordable.

Integrated with its basic charm is that it is not packed in a fancy lid. It’s just a circuit board with soldered components and gates.

For this reason people start, one of the biggest projects, their new computer, not to plug it in and turn it on. Instead, they manufacture or search for a custom 3D Print Raspberry Pi 3 cover. You can also find online the best ideas that can find everywhere.


One of the pleasures of being able to 3D-Print anything, actually create unique items for your family and friends. And if you regularly develop toys for your kids, the chances of running out of new ideas to keep them always happy with your efforts, will be high. But don’t panic because we are here to help with good new ideas.



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