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3D print architectural models have become an interesting option. Learn how easy is to 3D print your architectural projects.

Model making has helped architects represent their projects as far as we can imagine. The first draft is transferred to a scaled architectural model.

Typically, architectural models are made of paper, wood or other cast materials. Architects need models to study the aspects of their design. It is often changed to get a perfect concept of their idea. Whether it’s just an additional hook model or a fully-developed project, all this can be displayed with a 3D printer. Due to the stored files, it is easy to change digital structures and print the model out again and again. Also, the architect can persuade the customer, thanks to a flawless and precise model.


You can change your digital model, try different variations, and visualize problems more easily. When you begin to build up in the digital document, the advantages of 3D architectural models are quite clear:

• Save time and effort thanks to pre-scaled models
• Build more accurate models with homogeneous surface structures
• Produce a cost-effective model
• Create complex design

If you are a student, working on your own or having an office of 20 assistants, 3D Printing can definitely increase productivity and reduce the cost of the material. Most of the materials used in 3D printers, are recyclable, so you do not have to worry too much about the environment, if you use PLA or PET instead of ABS filament.



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