3D Printing On Demand

Benefit from our 3D Printing Service and 3D print your own model. Make your idea a reality in 1-2-3, by contacting us via email at:


and tell us about your project. Check also our Material Datasheet.

Affordable and fast, Solidlines’ 3D printing and prototyping services are the best in the market. We use the best software to create a visual design of the product you want to create. 3D printing services have changed the face of businesses to a great degree and they have been quite beneficial as well. This is because the traditional manufacturing processes are not only lengthy but also very much labor-intensive and not at all cost-effective. That is why you need to make your investment in 3D printing services which will help to take your business to the level you dreamt of.

A CAD file is not a hard and fast requirement for coming up with the best design. Our expert team can also work with sketches, photographs and sometimes even detailed verbal descriptions. Solid lines is known for always providing the client with accurate printing services and we do not leave any room for complaints. The benefits of opting for a 3D printing service are endless. Most importantly, you do not have to manufacture anything in large amounts because, with 3D printing, you can concentrate on small batches. With us, you can get your desired product printed in a very short period of time.

We use the latest and most competent equipment in our company. Thus, we ensure that you get the best possible results from us. We go above and beyond our capacity to give our customers exactly what they are looking for. Our 3D print farm has the capacity to produce prints for both small and large businesses. We strive to maintain a good reputation among our clients and that is why we believe in dispatching only those products that meet our highest quality standards. We want nothing but for you to excel in your business and for that we are ready to provide you with all the support you need in the form of our 3D printing services.

How the price of 3D Printing Service is calculated?

Production time*
5 Days 8 Days 14 Days
Fast Delivery 25-30% Discount 50-60% Discount

*Weekends are included when the order has been verified before Thursdays at 12:30. Minimum price of order 550 kr.

You can get your parts delivered fast or you can save money and choose longer delivery times. Or order more parts.

How we do it?

We collect as many orders as possible and go lower in price.
Pricing based on the optimal density of the printout package with reusable rate 25%.

Battery Cover

Dimensions [mm]: 38 x 31 x 12
Material: PA12 Nylon
Volume: 2.02 cm3
1 pc: 272 kr
170 pcs: 13 136/170 = 77.27 kr / pcs

Bicycle Pedal

Dimensions [mm]: 91 x 88 x 36
Material: PA12 Nylon
Volume: 33.25 cm3
1 pc: 916 kr
8 pcs: 4 400/8 = 550 kr / pcs

Large Mechanical Component

Dimensions [mm]: 80 x 113 x 122
Material: PA12 Nylon
Volume: 114.98 cm3
1 pc: 2 350 kr
2 pcs: 4 841/2 = 2 420.50 kr / pcs

Large Bottle

Dimensions [mm]: 76 x 80 x 225
Material: PA12 Nylon
Volume: 132 cm3
1 pc: 3 150 kr
1 pc: 3 150/1 = 3 150 kr / pc

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